Thursday, December 11, 2008

This poem I recently did. I think this my best work so far. I hope you do to.-Sosie
Through My Eyes
By:Sosie Almasian

Through my ears I hear dad packing
I hear dad talking about when he will be back
I hear mom crying
I hear dad comforting

Through my head I wonder where he is going
I wonder when he is coming back
I think I have to do something

Through my eyes I see scissors
I cut off my hair
Through my eyes I see a wardrobe
I look for a uniform

I write a goodbye note to my family

Through my ears I hear men talking about war
I hear the bus coming to a stop

Through my head I think I can save my dad
I also think about how it will change me
I think about seeing those poor people
I wonder if it is worse than on TV

I wonder if I won’t come back

I look out the window for comfort

Through my eyes I see people shoot at each other
I see nobody cares
Then. I see people help each other

Through my head I think about hororifying it is to watch
I remind my self why I am here
I think I should get my mind off of it

I can’t seem to get my mind off of it

But then, through my head I think the war grounds are confusing
I think that when people shoots some
Someone helps the victim.
I think peace and war
I think you can’t have one without another
I am crying inside I need to be embraced

Through my legs I run to my dad and hug him
I think of what I have done in horor
I know I can’t take it back

Through my mouth I tell everyone including my father who I am
I feel my wet eyes
I see dad start to cry
Then. Everyone joined in

I wonder how I got that off my chest
I wonder why he cried


` I


Through my eyes I see dad didn’t need help, I did.
I know I needed to do this
It was my destiny

I am not scared

Through my eyes I saw the meaning of peace.


zdeno chara's #1 fan said...

hey sosie you know me im not neil.

Sosie said...

ok then! do you think i know who you are? and it makes me feel like you are neil. ssoo! how do you like the page,-sosie